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Anisette is an Anise flavored Liqueur. Anise gives the Anisette liqueur a black licorice flavor that is very strong and sweet. Anisette liquer can be consumed straight up or over ice for sipping or mixed into a cocktail to add a licorice element.

Brands of Anisette Liqueur

Sambuca - an Italian Liqueur flavored with Anise.

Ouzo- A Greek Liqueur with an Anise Flavor

Absinthe - an herbal Liquor with Some Anise Flavor.

Galliano - An Italian Liqueur flavored with Anise and other sweet flavors.

Sambuca LiqueurOPuzo Liqueuranisette Liqueur anisette Liqueur

Dekuyper Anisette
Its sweet black licorice flavor comes from a distillate of imported aniseed blended with fine neutral spirit. A great after-dinner drink, straight or in coffee topped with whipped cream!


Hiram Walker Anisette
Hiram Walker Anisette's sweet licorice flavor comes from carefully selected, imported aniseed.

Bols Anisette
Enjoy this Cordials & Liquers produced by Bols

Enjoy this Cordials & Liquers produced by Leroux

Anise is an herb made from a flowering plant commonly found in the eastern Mediterranean region and southwest Asia. Centuries ago, anise was prescribed as a relaxant and a laxative. Drink makers wanted to take advantage of this plant's relaxing characteristics and decided to combine it with their liquor. he initiative and created a sweet anise flavored liqueur. However, it was absinthe - created by Henri-Louis Pernod in Jura (on the border of France and Switzerland) - that became extremely popular throughout the world. Henri-Louis Pernod went on to create the famous Pernod Company. Different types and variations of anise liqueurs can be found in different parts of the world

Anis is used as a flavoring in more than just anisette liqueur. Some of the top shelf liqueurs are flavored with Anise, like sambuce Italian liqueur, Ouso Greek liqueur, Absinthe, and Galliano liqueur. Liqueurs are frequently flavored with spices, herbs and/or fruits and infused into the alcohol. They can be traced back to herbal medicines, and were popular in Italy as early as the 13th century. The majority of liqueurs have a lower alcohol percentage (or "proof") than spirits, with most liqueurs having a proof between 15 and 30 percent alcohol by volume