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Aperol Bitters

Aperol Bitters Recipes, Pictures and Information

Aperol Bitters Recipes
Aperol Betty
Aperol Classico
Aperol on the Rocks
Aperol Orange
Aperol Shakerato
Aperol Sour
Aperol Spritz
Aperol Vodka
Belvedere Hail Berry Punch
Belvedere Crimson Fizz
Bird of Paradise
Camomile Smile
Liberty Summer Punch
Orange Bowl
Surf Spritzer




Aperol Bitters was created in 1919 in the northern Italian city of Padua with an alcohol content of only 11%. It makes an ideal aperitif Aperol and alcohol-light drinks and cocktails later in the evening.

Aperol Bitters

Aperol Spritz is the most famous Aperol drink - and Italy's favorite aperitif. Aperol can also be mixed with tonic, Danish water, orange juice, orange juice or lemon water, and you have a wonderful and refreshing drink in an instant. The recipe for Aperol is secret bur the flavors come from sweet and bitter oranges, herbs and rhubarb. Today Aperol the best-selling spirit brand in Italy and the 4th fastest growing premium spirits brand in the world.


Aperol Spritz Now the Danes can no longer travel far to get hold of Aperol, which has given its nam e to the beautiful and refreshing drink. Aperol Spritz is perfect as an aperitif, aperitif or later in the evening as an alcohol-easy cocktail with Aperol only contains 11% alcohol. The beautiful orange color and flavor exudes southern sun and summer. The taste is simply refreshing with a hint of sweet and bitter oranges, herbs and rhubarb.

The word "Spritz" originally referred to the tradition of diluting wine with water to facilitate the taste and reduce the alcohol content. Cheers!