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Apple Brandy, Calvados, Applejack

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Apple Brandy Recipes

Angel Face Recipe
Apple Car Cocktail
Apple Sunrise
Applejack Highball
Applejack Manhattan
Applejack Old Fashioned
Applejack Sour
Arch de Triumph Cocktail
Belvedere Corpse Revival
Block and Fall Cocktail
Braeburn Park
Calvados Cream
Cider Fizz
Fallen Leaves Cocktail
Jack Rose
Jack Maple Egg Nog
Jersey Girl
Jumping Jack
Le 333 Cocktail
Molly Pitcher
Norman Porto Flip
Normandy Cooler
Pink Lady Apple
Sleepy Rum
The Betsy Ross Cocktail
The Minuteman Cocktail
The Patriot
Wassailer's Punch
Tidal Wave

Apple Brandy, Calvados, Applejack.

Apple Brandy is a Brandy that has been fermented from apples and then later distilled into a spirit. not to be confused with apple flavored Brandy which is a brandy made from grapes and flavored with apple flavor, or Apple liqueur/schnapps which is a neutral spirit infused or flavored with apple flavor and sugar. The most notable of the Apple Brandies would be Calvados and Applejack.


Daron Calvados Apple BrandyLaird's old Apple Brandy/AppleJack

Daron Calvados and Laird's old Apple Brandy/AppleJack