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Belvedere Vodka

Belvedere Vodka Recipes

62nd County Bronx
Antique Martini
Appily Married
Asian Sling Cocktail
Autumn Martini
Basic Pink Greyhound
BBQ Bloody Mary
Beetroot and Spice Martini
Belve Beat
Belve Lemonade
Belvedere Afternoon Mar-tea-ni
Belvedere All in Manhattan
Belvedere Antique Punch
Belvedere Autumn Nectar
Belvedere Barley Punch
Belvedere Beat
Belvedere Bedazzle
Belvedere Beetroot and Spice Martini
Belvedere Berry Cuban
Belvedere Black Raspberry Hot...
Belvedere Black Raspberry Julep
Belvedere Black Raspberry Milkshake
Belvedere Black Raspberry Mojito
Belvedere Black Raspberry Shrub
Belvedere Black Raspberry Sour
Belvedere Bloody Mary
Belvedere Bloody Mary Tropical Breeze
Belvedere Bloody Punch
Belvedere Blush Breeze
Belvedere Breakfast Cosmo
Belvedere Cherry Caipiroska
Belvedere Caipiroska
Belvedere Cereal White Russian
Belvedere Choc Orange
Belvedere Citrus Collins
Belvedere Citrus Gimlet
Belvedere Citrus Shandy
Belvedere Classic Mary
Belvedere Clementine Cuban
Belvedere Clever Cosmo
Belvedere Confetti Punch
Belvedere Cookies n' Cream Milkshake
Belvedere Corpse Revival
Belvedere Crimson Crush
Belvedere Crimson Fizz
Belvedere Cuban
Belvedere Cucumber Cuban
Belvedere Deep Unfiltered
Belvedere Diamond Eau Di Vie
Belvedere Dublin Apple
Belvedere Eden
Belvedere Effortless Tea
Belvedere Emerald Mule
Belvedere Fennel Shrub
Belvedere Fiery Breeze
Belvedere Fiery Breeze Pitcher
Belvedere Grapefruit on the Rocks
Belvedere Green Leprechaun Punch
Belvedere Grey Morning
Belvedere Hail Berry Punch
Belvedere Halloween Punch
Belvedere Holiday Cobbler
Belvedere Holiday Hamper
Belvedere Intense Popcorn Sour
Belvedere Intense Sour Cocktail
Belvedere Jackrabbit
Belvedere Lady Grey Martini
Belvedere Lemon Iced Tea
Belvedere Lemon Tea Classic Iced Punch
Belvedere Lemon Tea Clipper
Belvedere Lemon Tea Fresca
Belvedere Lemon Tea Gimlet
Belvedere Lemon Tea Honey Sour
Belvedere Lemon Tea Mint Lemonade Punch
Belvedere Lemon Teatini
Belvedere Lemonade
Belvedere Lemongrass Lemonade
Belvedere Mandarin Sour
Belvedere Masquerade
Belvedere Mediterranean Fresca
Belvedere Mediterranean Pitcher
Belvedere Midnight
Belvedere Midnight in Citrus
Belvedere Mini Pineapple Mary
Belvedere Mint Mule
Belvedere Minty Way
Belvedere Orange Manhattan
Belvedere Orange Num Sum kun
Belvedere Orange Punch
Belvedere Orange with Soda
Belvedere Peach Nectarine Punch
Belvedere Peach Essence Cocktail
Belvedere Peach Iced Tea
Belvedere Perfect Storm
Belvedere Pineapple Mary
Belvedere Pineapple Mule
Belvedere Pineapple Rose
Belvedere Pink Aviation
Belvedere Pink Chamomile Daisey
Belvedere Pink Cherry Caipiroska
Belvedere Pink Cosmo
Belvedere Pink Dragon
Belvedere Pink Espresso Martini
Belvedere Pink Ginger Cosmo
Belvedere Pink Grapefruit and Almond Iced Tea
Belvedere Pink Holiday Cosmopolitan
Belvedere Pink Honey Sour
Belvedere Pink Martini
Belvedere Pink Mojito
Belvedere Pink 'Nam Sum Kun'
Belvedere Pink Port
Belvedere Pink Salty Dog
Belvedere Pink Silver Fizz
Belvedere Pink Sour
Belvedere Pink Spritz
Belvedere Pink Toddy
Belvedere Pink Twinkle
Belvedere Pink Whispered Vesper
Belvedere Pink Yuzu Sour
Belvedere Porcini Mary
Belvedere Provencal Fresca
Belvedere Raspberry Smoothie
Belvedere Red Berry Cuban
Belvedere Red Breakfast
Belvedere Red Breeze
Belvedere Red Candy Apple
Belvedere Red Cherry
Belvedere Red Cherry Collins
Belvedere Red Crimson Crush
Belvedere Red Crush
Belvedere Red Elderflower Cosmo
Belvedere Red Fire and Passion
Belvedere Red Heat
Belvedere Red Hot Shot
Belvedere Red Lemon Punch
Belvedere Red Masquerade
Belvedere Red Pom Pom
Belvedere Red Pom Pom Rita
Belvedere Red Pomegranate Caipiroska
Belvedere Red Port
Belvedere Red Reef Breeze
Belvedere Red Royale
Belvedere Red Summer Breeze
Belvedere Red Summer Crush
Belvedere Red Sunset
Belvedere Red Tart
Belvedere Red Zephyr
Belvedere Redberry Mule
Belvedere Reditterranean Fresca
Belvedere Riche
Belvedere Rocks
Belvedere Rubus
Belvedere Sage Collins
Belvedere Sarsaparilla Mule
Belvedere Smoked Martini
Belvedere Smoky Martini
Belvedere Snowflake Punch
Belvedere Spring Lemon Punch
Belvedere Spring Lemonade
Belvedere Spring Martini
Belvedere Spring Thyme Mary
Belvedere St Clements Punch
Belvedere St. Clements
Belvedere St. Clements Toddy
Belvedere Summer Mary
Belvedere Summer Punch
Belvedere Tea Punch
Belvedere Thyme Gimlet
Belvedere Toffee Candy apple
Belvedere Ultimate Martini
Belvedere Unfiltered Buckeye
Belvedere Unfiltered Julep
Belvedere Unfiltered Popcorn Sour
Belvedere Unfiltered Rocks
Belvedere Vanilla Sour
Belvedere Vodka and Coke
Belvedere Vodka Gibson
Belvedere Vodka Martini
Belvedere Vodka Mule
BelveFever Sgroppino
Berry Scary Sour
Bitter Rhubarb Martini
Black Cherry and Rose Martini
Black Cherry Mule
Black Pepper Colins
Black Raspberry Blush
Black Raspberry Cup Cocktail
Black Raspberry Julep
Black Raspberry Pineapple Cup
Black Raspberry Sangria
Black Raspberry with Soda
Bloody Brutus
Bloody Mary Martini
Breakfast at Tiffany's Cocktail
Breakfast Highball
Candy Cane Punch
Chamomile Cooler
Cherry Caipiroska
Cherry Smash Cocktail
Citrus Cosmopoitan
Citrus Espresso Cocktail
Citrus Punch
Citrus Wassail Cocktail
Citrus with Soda
Clover Club Cocktail
Connaught Mule Cocktail
Corriander Mule
Cosmopolitan #1
Creamed Orange Soda Cocktail
Crimson Breeze
Cucumber and Green Tea Martini
Cucumber Fix
Cupid's Arrow
Dead Man's Mule
Dead Man's Mule Punch
Deconstructed Raspberry Mule
Earl Grey fizz
Eau Di Vie
Elderflowr Cosmopolitan
Eldermule Cocktail
Fall Fizz
Faulty Tower Sour
Fig and Hibiscus Sour
Fine Orange Cocktail
Fire and Passion
First Down Mule Punch
Forest Fizz
Fresh Tomato Bloody Mary
Garden Cocktail
Give a Fig
Grande to Go
Grapes of Wrath Martini
Green Apple and Coriander Martini
Herbal Thyme Martini
Honey Water Martini
Iced Tea Punch
Indian Rose Cocktail
Inspired Bloody Mary and Soda
Intense Caipiroska
Intense Liquorice Sour
Intense Olive Martini
Intense Sunrise
Italian Summer Punch
IX Basic Shot Fight
IX Best Shot Fight
IX Better Shot Fight
IX Cherry Breakfast Martini
IX Negroni
IX Vesper
Kaffir Collins
Kumquat Mule Cocktail
Lemonade Splash
Liberty Summer Punch
Maple Peach Smash
Midnight Rose Fizz
Mulled Cosmopolitan
Oopsi Daisey Cocktail
Orange Blossom Fizz
Orange Blossom Sour
Orange Toddy
Orange with Soda
Passion Fruit Margar-IX-ta
Pear and Rosemary Martini
Perfect V and T
Perfect Vodka and Coke
Perfect Vodka Cranberry
Pina Maria
Pine Basil Martini
Pineapple and Cardamom Martini
Pineapple Cup Cocktail
Pineapple Fennal Martini
Pink Caipirovska
Pink Mojito
Pink Tulle Fizz
Polish Mule Cocktail
Polish Summer Punch
Pretty in Pink
Puebla Punch
Red Apple
Red Berry Scary Sour
Red Cherry Cocktail
Red Currant and Rose Martini
Rhubarb Cobbler Cocktail
Rising Sun
Saffron and Cinnamon Daisy
Sauternes Punch
Silver Cloud Martini
Silver Fizz #2
Silver Martini
Silver Rocks Cocktail
Silver Sour Cocktail
Spiced Pumpkin Martini
Strawberry Martini
Summer Breeze Cocktail
Summer Crush Cocktail
Summer Vine Frappe
The Belvedere Blitz
The Artist
The Belvedere Vince Lombardi
The Gosling Gimlet
The Half-Time
The Manning Martini
The MVP Punch
The One
The Perfect V and T
The Perfect Vodka and Coke
The Perfect Vodka Cranberry
The Streep Sweep
Thyme Gimlet
Turntable Teabreeze
Ultimate Martini
Unfiltered Gimlet
Unfiltered on the Rocks
Unfiltered Vesper
Warsaw Breeze
White Manhattan

Belvedere Vodka

Belvedere Vodka

Belvedere VodkaBelvedere Vodka is a super premium vodka, which ishailed as one of the finest vodkasavailable. Belvedere vodka is made from Dankowskie Gold Rye and distilled 4 times to remove any unwanted flavors. The remaining spirit is smooth balanced. Belvedere vodka is a true luxury vodka with an uncompromising will to create a perfect vodka. Belvedere vodka does not have any additives and is diluted with water from it's own well. Belvedere has created a pure and clean vodka that mixes well with other ingredients and is fine enough to drink on it's own chilled or on the rocks.






Belvedere Intense Vodka

Belvedere Intense VodkaBelvedere Intense vodka was initially released in international Duty free shops, shich is a popular way of introducing a new product and getting international feedback. Blevedere intense vodka has less water and so reveals some of the essence of the vodka, caramel, spice and bitter chocolate. Belvedere intense is double filtered through charcol for smoothness and to keep it balanced. This vodka can be used for your own infusions to add a bit more character than a tastless vodka.




Belvedere Red VodkaBelvedere Red is the same Belvedere Vodka But in a Red Bottle. The difference is that RED is a special edition that gives 50% of it's global profits to help fight HIV/AIDS in Africa.

Learn more about RED and how you can help here by visiting JOIN(RED) here.





Belvedere Unfiltered

 Unfiltered VodkaBelvedere Unfiltered Vodka. This vodka is distilled 4 times with an estate exclusive Rye. This rye is grown of polish farms and creates a creamy intense vodka. Most vodkas filter to smooth out the flavor, but Belvedere unfiltered vodka does not filter out the character after distillation.





Belvedere IX

Belvedere IX VodkaBelvedere IX (one x), is a vodka flavored in a most unique way. They have added 9 flavors to create a blend unlike any other flavored vodka. The 9 flavors are Guarana, Ginger, Ginseng, Jasmine, Cinnamon Leaf, Sweet Almond, Eucalyptus, Black Cherry, and Açaï juice concentrate. How much of each ingredient is a secret.




Belvedere Macerations:
Lemon Tea

Belvedere Lemon Tea VodkaBelvedere Lemon Tea Vodka is flavored with green tea, black tea, chamomile, lemongrass, ginger, lemon and honey. Belvedere Lemon Tea vodka mixes well with Lemonade, tea and mixers with a light flavor that won't overwhelm the sublties of the vodka. Belvedere Macerations, Lemon Tea Vodka flavored to a light summer inspired taste great for drinks by the pool.




Belvedere Bloody Mary

Belvedere Bloody Mary VodkaBelvedere has come up with an easier way to make aBloody Mary. Belvedere Bloody Mary Vodka combines -black pepper, horseradish, bell pepper, chili pepper, vinegar, tomato andlemon. This gives the Bloody Mary Drink lover a head start seasoning their Bloody Mary. Sill, celery, Lime, horesradish, worchestershire sauce, tobasco, green bean,pickle and what ever else you may like is always better fresh from the market and added to your Bloody Mary.




Belvedere Macerations:
Black Raspberry

Belvedere Macerations: Belvedere Black Raspberry Vodka. A fruity aromatic essence to add the raspberry element to cocktails. With the Belvedere Black Raspberry Vodka you can make a wide variety of drinks. Martini stlye with the raspberry flavor being slightly complemented or mix in a tall drink refreshing and smooth, like a vodka and 7 or vodka cranberry juice.

Belvedere Macerations:

Belvedere Macerations: Orange Vodka was the 2nd flavored vodka to hit the market after lemon, and still hold that rank in popularity. Belvedere Orange Vodka is one of the flavored vodkas that can be used in a large array of cocktails. Belvedere Orange vodka mixes well with many of the classic recipes, orange cosmopolitan, orange salty dog, orange Kamikaze.

Belvedere Macerations:
Pink Grapefruit

Belvedere Orange VodkaBelvedere Pink Grapefruit Vodka is a nice addition to the Belvedere Maceration family. The sweet and tart essence of pink grapefruit has been artfully captured in this flavored vodka. Belvedere Pink Grapefruit vodka is a wonderful base for martinis, 2-3 ounces with a splash or two of complementing mix.

Belvedere Macerations:

Belvedere Citrus Vodka is Belvedere Citrus Vodkamade with Lemons to give this vodka the popular essence of Lemon.The best selling of all the flavored vodkas is Lemon. In most cases it was the first to gain popularity. usually called citrus, citron this lemon flavored vodka adds a great spin on many existing vodka recipes. lemon vodka also inspired the Cosmopolitan and the lemon drop martini.