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Black Haus Liqueur

Black Haus Liqueur Recipes and information

Black Haus Liqueur is a blackberry flavored schnapps originally from germany. Black Haus is now made in Canada. Black Haus blackberry schnapps is a clear sweet drink that is 40%ABV. 80 proof. The most popular way to consume Black Haus is in a shot, however we have some wonderful recipes that you can experiment with. We like to keep this bottle in the freezer so that it is ice cold, shots of Black Haus schnapps served ice cold go down very easy with a nice berry aftertaste.

Black Haus Recipes

6 ft. Red Headed Nazi
Angry German Cocktail
Black Burst Cocktail
Black Haus Orange Coffee
Black Haus Twist
Black Swedish Virgin
Blackberry 7 Cocktail
Blackberry Lane Cocktail
Blackberry Martini
Blackdriver Haus
Booty Call 101
Club Haus Cocktail
Crackhouse Cocktail
Cranhouse Of Love
Crazy Jew Cocktail
Dark Lord Cocktail
Dewhaus Cocktail
Four Jokers Cocktail
Frankenstein Cocktail
H.O.B. Cocktail
Halfway Special
Haus Special Cocktail
Italian Ice Cocktail
Itchy Ass Cocktail
Junk In Da Trunk
New York Black Haus
Patriot Missile
Peach House Cocktail
Purple Turban Cocktail
Smurf Piss Cocktail
Swedish Fish Cocktail
T-Bone's Black-Razz Tea
Tycoon's Special



Black Haus Liquer taste great as an ice cold shot, but many Cocktail recipes have come along using Black haus liqueur. I seems that a good amount of these recipes couple Black Haus Liqueur with Liqueurs that carry a German Name Like Rumpleminze, goldschlager and Jagermeister. This does seem like a natural union however, Black Haus wil add a nice Berry flavor to many existing cocktails so long as you work out the proportions. Good luck and do enjoy!



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