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Brandy is liquor that is distilled from wine or other fruit juice that has been fermented. Brandy Liquor was stumbled upon by accident. Shipping wine on long voyages was costly, it was decided to reduce the wine by distilling it into burnt wine, which later became known as Brandy wine and then eventually just Brandy. Brandy can be made from any grape juice that has been fermented. .
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Brandy has a rating system to describe its quality and condition, these indicators can usually be found near the brand name on the label.
  • A.C.- aged 2 years in wood.
  • V.S.- "Very Special" or 3-Star, aged at least 3 years in wood.
  • V.S.O.P.- "Very Superior Old Pale" or 5-Star, aged at least 5 years in wood.
  • X.O.- "Extra Old", Napoleon or Vieille Reserve, aged at least 6 years, Napoleon at least 4 years.
  • Vintage- Stored in the cask until the time it is bottled with the label showing the vintage date.
  • Hors D'age: These are too old to determine the age.

Brandy that is made from grape wine from the cognac region of France is called Cocnac. All Cognac is brandy but all brandy is not Cognac.

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