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Aneurysm Cocktail
Apple Pie A La Mode
Bad Apple
Billion Dollar Apple
Black Whisky and Cola
Black Whiskey and Ginger Ale
Black Whisky Manhattan
Cafe Royal
Candy Apple #2
Carnival Queen
Crown Rose
Crown Apple Fizz
Crown Royal Press
Crown Royal and Ginger
Crown Royal Cinnamon apple
Crown Royal Collide
Crown Royal Flush
Crown Royal Honey Lemonade
Crown Royal Honey Smash
Crown Royal Italian
Crown Royal Lemonade
Crown Royal Punch
Crown Royal Razzhattan
Crown Royal Reserve Press
Crown Royal Reserve Red
Crown Royal Sidecar
Crown Royal Sweet and Sour
Crown Royal Washington Apple
Crownberry Apple
Crowned Scofflaw
Duck Fart
Gold Rush
Harvest Sour
Hot Toddy
Irish Canadian Cocktail
King's Cider
King of Manhattan
Mach 5 Shooter
Manhattan Reserve
Maple Whisky Collins
Maple Whisky Lemonade
Muscle Relaxer
Napoleon's Last Stand
New Fashioned
Northern Buck
Old Fashioned #2
Old Royal
Ooooh La La
Perfect No. 16
Pink Royalty
Red Snapper
Reserve Old Fashioned
Reserve R&R
Rock Lobster
Royal Hard Orange Cream Soda
Royal Hard Rootbeer
Royal Tea Cocktail
Sazerac #2
Sidecar Crown Royal
The Jump Off
The Kings Downfall
The Noble Highball
Vanilla Hot Toddy
Vanilla Lime Mule
Vanilla Old Fashioned
Vieux Carre
Washington Apple
Washington Apple Shot
Whisky Sour
XO Sour

Crown Royal Canadian Whisky has a unique packaging that is instantly recognizable. The bottle is short and round and resembles a crown, as its name suggests. Though the bottle may seem smaller than those made by other whisky brands, it actually holds the same amount of liquid. The bottle is clear so that the amber whisky inside can be clearly seen. The bottle comes in a box and is sold with a purple cloth bag that ties at one end.

Crown Royal is one of the more significant whisky brands out there because of its popularity and its advertising techniques and ties. It is the top-selling Canadian whisky of all time and brings a sense of pride to the country because of that. It is also a major player in motor sports. Besides sponsoring driver Jamie McMurray, Crown Royal has also been the title sponsor of events such as the International Race of Champions.

The Seagram Company created Crown Royal in 1939 when King George VI and Queen Elizabeth made their first Royal Tour of Canada. Because of the royal nature of the event, the company's president, Samuel Bronfman, packaged the whisky in a crown-shaped bottle with a purple bag. Purple is, of course, the color of royalty. This marketing scheme was received well by the general public and Crown Royal began to sell. It remained a Canadian product only until 1964, when it began to sell outside of the country. In 2000, the Seagram Company fell apart and Crown Royal was picked up by its current owner, Diageo




There are Several versions of Crown Royal, with the general brand being the most common, of course. Of the three others, Crown Royal Special Reserve was packaged first in 1992. It is blended by various whiskys that have been aged longer than usual in order to have a more refined taste. Crown Royal XR was then created in 2006, which is the last batch of Crown Royal to have ever been made at the facility in Waterloo, which burned down in 1993. A year later, Crown Royal Cask No. 16 was created. It consists of a blend of whiskys that were aged in cognac barrels, which give it a unique taste and finish. Crown Royal Black, Vanilla, Crown Royal Rye Whisky, Crown Royal Regal Apple, and Crown Royal Maple.

Crown Royal Apple Regas Whisky Crown Royal Black Whisky
Crown Royal Maple Canadian Whisky Crown Royal Vanilla Whisky