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Malibu Rum Recipes

Recipes with Malibu Rum

Absolut Confusion
Absolut Stress
Anal Sex
Baked Apple
Beach Bum Coffee
Bitch On Wheels Cocktail
Blackbeard's Ghost Cocktail
Blame it on Rio
Blue Ghost Cocktail
Blue Hawaiian #2
Blue Hawaiian Punch
BMW Shooter
Bride To Be Cocktail
Butterscotch Livesaver
Cafe Coco
California Coastline
California Surfer Cocktail
Coco Beach
Coconut Colada
Crooked Road Cocktail
Disaronno Surfer
Four Zeroes
Fruit Fusion #2
Fuka Recipe
German Chocolate Cake Shot
Goombay Smash
Green Eggs And Ham Cocktail
Halfway Special
Hot Beach Shooter
Hypnotiq Veronica
International Mai Tai
Intimate Encounter
Jamaican Egg Nog
Jubilee on the Square
Jugs of illusions
Jungle Juice
Mali-blue Lagoon Punch
Malibu and Cola
Malibu and Grapefruit
Malibu and Lemonade
Malibu and Milk
Malibu and Tonic
Malibu Barbados
Malibu Bay Breeze
Malibu Beach
Malibu Calypso Cafe
Malibu Cape Cod
Malibu Caribbean Cooler
Malibu Coconut
Malibu Colada
Malibu Connection
Malibu Island Glow
Malibu Mama
Malibu Margarita Punch
Malibu Maui Wowie Punch
Malibu Mimosa Punch
Malibu Mud Pie
Malibu Orange Colada Punch
Malibu Orchid
Malibu Party Punch
Malibu Puff
Malibu Rainbow
Malibu Screwdriver
Malibu Sea Breeze
Malibu Squeeze Harder
Malibu Squeeze Punch
Malibu Summer Rain
Malibu Sunset
Malibu Tangerine
Malibu Tea
Malibu Tequichi punch
Malibu Wipe Out Punch
Midnight in Malibu
Mistletoe Martini
Motor Oil Shooter #1
Mustache Sally
Peach on a Malibu Beach
Peachy Screw
Poo punching Pirates
Red Daddy's Fire
Sailor in Distress
Scooby Snack
Screamin Meenie Weenie
Seventh Heaven
Sex On A Brazillian Beach
Sex on a Malibu Beach
Sex With An Alligator #2
Six Bucks
Skyy Serial Lover
Surfer on Acid
Surfer On Acid #5
Trip to the Beach
Tropical Hooter Punch
Tropical Spice
Tycoon's Special
Unforgettable Night
Vampire Juice
Vanilla Jesus
Wooly Mammoth
Malibu Rum