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It used to be a quart of orange juice and a couple cans of Coke were the only mixers that you needed. Well, Those days are gone. People expect a variety of mixers to make the wide range of drinks that are popular in this day. Who on earth thought up Jagermeister and mountain Dew, or Tequila and Squirt, orange vodka and 180 energy drink, vodka red bull. We will give you descriptions for each mix and the popular brands with pictures and comments.

With the emergence of the "Energy Drink" people naturally made the connection between alcohol and energy drink. It is a union that is meant to be. now you can not only get buzzed, but stay up for half the night with out being tired.

The next time you go shopping at the market, take notice of the juice isle. It seems like they have discovered more types of fruit to make juice out of. What was once a couple of shelves is now a 40 ft. long isle. I am a fan of cranberry juice myself and I must admit that i have tried all the variants,cran-strawberry, cran-grape, cran-raspberry. If you love juice with your alcohol then these are good times.