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Absolut Lime Jello Shooters

Absolut Vodka Cocktails

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Absolut Lime Jello Shooters

.750- 1 liter Absolut Vodka Recipes
2 cups boiling water
1 tsp honey
1 package lime flavored jello mix



pour into jello shooter cups and chill for an hour

Absolut Lime Jello Shooters. Never add alcohol to boiling water because the alcohol will evaporate, Dropping the strength of the spirit. Alcohol vaporizes at aroung 170 degrees and water boils at 212 degrees. So boiling water will turn the alcohol to vapor and float away.
Cherry is my favorite
* for orange use Absolut mandrin Vodka

Mix the Jello, hot water and Honey.
once mixed, cool off mixture with a couple of ice cubes. Then add the absolut Vodka