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Adios Mother Cocktail

Adios Mother Recipe

Adios Mother Cocktail Recipe

Adios Mother Cocktail

1 pt. Vodka
1 pt. Rum
1pt. Gin
1 pt. Blue Curacao
fill with sweet and Sour Mix
Splash of 7-up
Lemon Wedge/cherry


The Adios mother,Vodka, Rum, Gin, Blue Curacao,sweet and sour mix and 7 up. is the most famous of the long island iced teas. The addios mother differs in the blue curacao in place of the triple sec. Blue curacao ond triple sec are the same thing except for the color. They are both an orange flavored liqueur. and the other difference is the splash of 7-up instead of coke. These two cocktails look completely unsimilar but the taste is virtually identical. The Addios Mother is also known as an Addios Mother Fucker.

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