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Alligator Tail Cocktail

Alligator Tail Recipe

Alligator Tail Cocktail Recipe Jager liqueur Midori melon liqueur

Alligator Tail Cocktail Recipe

1/2 ounce Jagermeister herbal liqueur
1 ounce Midori Melon liqueur
splash of grenadine

Combine ingredients in a cocktail shaker with ice
and strain into a chilled martini Glass
The Alligator MartiniCocktail is made with jagermeister herbal liqueur, midori melon liqueur and a splash of Grenadine syrup. This Cocktail can also be layered with midori chilled and strained into a martini glass and jager floated on top, drop the grenadine into it and watch it sink to the bottom. The Alligator Martini Cocktail.