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Back Nine Pitcher Punch Recipe

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Back Nine Pitcher Cocktail Recipe

Back Nine Pitcher

16 parts Grey Goose Vodka
32 parts Sweetened Iced Tea
10 parts Limincello Liqueur
Lemon Zest
mint leaves

1.Mix the iced tea, Limoncello, GREY GOOSE® Vodka
in a large pitcher filled with ice, stir briskly.
2.Strain into highball glass filled with ice and
float some grated lemon zest and mint leaves on top.
3.Serves 10.

The Back Nine Pitcher Cocktail. This is a perfect after golf refresher and was inspired by a world known-golfer who often drank a
50/50 mix of iced tea and lemonade. But great served any time. The Back Nine Pitcher Cocktail Recipe. punch recipe, punch, alcoholic punch recipe, alcoholic punch, punches, party punch recipes, pitcher, pitcher recipe.