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Dirty Mother Cocktail

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Dirty Mother


Dirty Mother Cocktail

Dirty Mother Cocktail


1 ounce Brandy    
1 ounce Kahlua Coffee liqueur

Pour over ice into a double rocks glass.

The Dirty Mother Cocktail is a Brandy based Cocktail with an equal amount of Kahlua. This Cocktail is served over ice. It is similar to the Black Russian except we use Brandy in place of the Vodka.

The Dirty Mother is one of those drinks with a sexy title. It is fun to go into a bar and order one of these profanity cocktails. The Dirty White Mother is a Dirty Mother with cream added. Also an easy version of this cocktial is simply coffee flavored brandy over ice. Coffee brandy has less alcohol than brandy which is usually 80 proof where coffee brandy has around 30-40 proof.