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Pickleback Shot Recipe

Pickleback Shot

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pickleback recipe

Pickleback Shot

pickleback shot recipe

1-1/2 ounce shot of Jameson Irish Whiskey
1 ounce Shot of Pickle Juice

1st. take the whiskey shot, then take the pickle juice shot..
Increasingly around the country, bartenders are hearing the slightly odd question, “May I have a Pickleback?” The Pickleback is a two shot drink, thought to have originated in hipster bars in Brooklyn, but no one knows the exact origins of this drink. What is known is that the Pickle Back has become one of the hottest drinks in the country. Simply one shot of Jameson’s Irish whiskey and a second shot of pickle juice, first you take the Jameson’s, folowed by the pickle juice. This drink is both surprising and tasty.