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Valentine's Day Cocktail Recipes

Valentine's Day Cocktails

A Kiss Goodnight

Absolut Minty Sweety

Absolut Passion

American Sweetheart

Amour Rouge Cocktail

A Passionate Affair

Arise My Love Cocktail

Bed of Roses 2

Belvedere Red Fire and Passion

Belvedere Red Tart

Between the Sheets

Bleeding Heart Martini

Bride To Be Cocktail

Broken Heart

Chocolate Covered Cherry Shot

Chocolate Covered Strawberries

Chocolate Devil Cocktail

Chocolate Heart Cocktail

Chocolate Kiss Cocktail

Chocolate Valentine Cocktail

Cupid's Arrow

Cupid's Kiss Cocktail

Disaronno Italian Kisses

Elixir of Love

Golden Kiss Martini

Intimate Encounter

Kiss me Quick

Kiss on the Lips

Liquid Temptation Cocktail

Love birds

Love Bug

Love in a Glass

Love is the Message

Love Potion

Lover's Nocturne

Megan's Valentine

Oo La la

Pasión Latina

Passion of France

Passion Paradox Tea

Passion Play

Passion Point

Peppermint Valentine

Pink Passion

Purple Passion

Red Hot Lover Cocktail

Red Hot Passion

Skyy Heavenly Yours

Skyy Infusions Midnight Kiss

Skyy Love Potion #9

Skyy Passionate Martini

Skyy Ultimate Kiss

Sweetheart Cocktail

Sweet Red Lips Cocktail

Sweet Talkertini

Two of Hearts

Wet Kiss

X-Rated Valentine Beach Romp with a Horny Cupid

X-Rated Passion

Yeoman's Passion